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S A P I O Photography is genuine, romantic, and timeless. Dedicated to making sure your moments can be shared today, tomorrow, and for generations to come


I am addicted to 


welcome, friend

Hello there, I'm so excited that you decided to stop by! I'm Tainesha, but all of my family and friends call me Tiny. Since you are now a part of the S A P I O family, I encourage you to feel free and do the same. I am a Wedding & Boudoir photographer based in Wisconsin. 

While I am from the good ole cheese state, I do enjoy spreading my wings and touching lives all over the place! I LOVE photography and the joy it brings to people when they see themselves from someone else's perspective. The blog is where you can get to dive more into my world and meet all of the wonderful people that helps to keep my life....INTERESTING. If you would like to know more about me and the S A P I O experience, check it out :)

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"The sexiest thing someone can do for you is to inspire you to think a thought you never knew possible"

sapiosexual: a person who finds intelligence
to be a sexually attractive quality in others

My photos were incredible! Almost just like taking a million selfies. I don't know which ones to send to friends and which ones I want to hang in my home

the photos are genuine

Tiny is awesome! She is patient and professional, while still being able to be so down to earth

such a fun experience

Thanks Tiny for capturing memories that will last a lifetime!

memorable, timeless