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Here on the blog is where I share all of my photography tricks, hacks, and advice. You get to meet our wonderful S A P I O clients, and all the fun things that happen during their sessions. From start to finish, the blog is where you'll find everything that's just too long for a social media hashtag or caption....

I am much more than just a photographer. I know it's hard to believe that we have lives outside of our occupations, but we do. Get to know more about me, my family, my friends, and anything that gets me fired up and inspired in my life. S A  P I O is much more than a photography business to me, it's a brand and way of life....

I'm a firm believer in doing good towards others and doing all that you can to make sure the world around you (especially your own community) is a better place. Regardless of the action, big or small, I encourage and support it. Tag along with me and see how we're discovering and improving our community....

M  u  c  h      l  o  v  e      a  n  d      E  n  c  o  u  r  a  g  e  m  e  n  t

Tiny J.

s a p i o



Welcome to the blog! Here is where you'll get to know a lot about me. From my family dynamic, who my friends are, what tricks and tips I have for photography, and anything that we're doing to help improve our community. Learn more about our clients and their experience with us. I'm an open book 
(pun very much intended)

Why I Had to Detach: The Importance of Mental Health

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