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Here on the blog is where I share all of my photography tricks, hacks, and advice. You get to meet our wonderful S A P I O clients, and all the fun things that happen during their sessions. From start to finish, the blog is where you'll find everything that's just too long for a social media hashtag or caption....

I am much more than just a photographer. I know it's hard to believe that we have lives outside of our occupations, but we do. Get to know more about me, my family, my friends, and anything that gets me fired up and inspired in my life. S A  P I O is much more than a photography business to me, it's a brand and way of life....

I'm a firm believer in doing good towards others and doing all that you can to make sure the world around you (especially your own community) is a better place. Regardless of the action, big or small, I encourage and support it. Tag along with me and see how we're discovering and improving our community....

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Welcome to the blog! Here is where you'll get to know a lot about me. From my family dynamic, who my friends are, what tricks and tips I have for photography, and anything that we're doing to help improve our community. Learn more about our clients and their experience with us. I'm an open book 
(pun very much intended)


Hey Sapiens!!! I’m always cooking, I LOVE it actually. Everyday I cook just about all of my meals, unless I’m out, and that’s 3 times that I get to have my own personal mental break. Is anyone else like that? Anyway, I figured why not share what I like to cook with you all.; and […]

January 23, 2018

Healthy Eating: Turkey Zucchini Meatballs


Hey Sapiens! I hope all is well with you all and that you are still achieving those goals for 2017. Recently I had the opportunity to take a trip around the world…figuratively at least. But it was while doing 2 of my most favorite things – photography and food 🙂 Thanks to the lovely family […]

January 21, 2018

A Trip Around the World, One Dish at a Time


“THOUSANDS OF CANDLES CAN BE LIGHTED FROM A SINGLE CANDLE AND THE LIFE OF THE CANDLE WILL NOT BE SHORTENED. HAPPINESS IS NEVER SHORTENED BY SHARING” – BUDDHA Hey Sapiens! It’s been awhile, I know. Okay, it’s been a good long while….my apologies. Nonetheless, I am back and of course I have some goodies to […]

September 19, 2017

Deliciousness for A Cause


The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down as long as it’s one fewer than the times you get back up. ~ Aaron Sorkin Hey Sapiens!! I hope all of you are doing well, and have been staying positive in my absence. It is May!!! So aside from the weather changing to ideal session […]

May 1, 2017

An Incurable Disease


“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton Hey Sapiens! It’s Monday and if you’re outside looking anything like mine here in good ole Wisconsin, then it’s pretty dreary and wet. I know that I have not written a blog […]

April 3, 2017

Why I Had to Detach: The Importance of Mental Health


Hey Sapiens! I hope your holiday season was absolutely amazing, safe, and the start to a lot of positivity in your life. I actually had quite a few things going on with my birthday, christmas nye, and so much more! I can’t wait to share everything that’s been going on with you guys. Today’s post […]

January 3, 2017

What to look forward to in 2017


“Your marriage will not be defined by the size of your struggles, but by the size of your commitment to overcome the struggles together.” Hey Sapiens! I hope your day is going well, and that you are achieving all of the short term goals that you’ve set for yourself this week. Today I want to […]

December 16, 2016

SURPRISE!!! Here’s a horse and carriage….


Hey Sapiens! I hope everyone’s holiday season is going well and you are enjoying yourselves. Here in Wisconsin it is in the single to negative digits, so we are all trying not to become ice sculptures when we go to grab the mail 🙂 While it’s freezing, it’s also the perfect ambiance for cuddling, snuggling, […]

December 15, 2016

Exclusive Access Part II : Down time? What the heck is that?


“Every story is beautiful, but OURS is my favorite” ~ Every Bride Everywhere (I hope) Hey Sapiens!! It’s your favorite vertically challenged photographer here, and I want to share with you the absolutely AMAZING and heartfelt union story of Loretta and RC…. Lorette and RC have been together for many years, so you can just […]

December 9, 2016

My Forever Love


Hey Sapiens! It’s the first Wednesday of December and as promised, I am answering questions from all of my supporters. The questions range from photography related to personal views and habits. If you have ANY questions that you would like me to answer, feel free to shoot them my way and I will definitely answer […]

December 7, 2016

Exclusive Access Part I : Why Weddings?